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Floral Clock

A horticultural wonder on your Niagara Day Tour!

The floral clock is another impressive sight to behold on your journey through the Niagara Region. At over 40 feet in diameter it is one of the largest of its type in the entire world. The face of the floral clock has over 15,000 flowers and small plants in its display. The elaborate designs are changed twice every year.

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The Clock Actually Tells Time!

The clock itself is not just for display purposes – it is a fully functional clock that tells the time and features a Westminster chime that sounds every 15 minutes.

The floral clock is maintained by the school of horticulture which is part of the Niagara Parks Commission – the governing body which controls all of the tourism operations in Niagara Falls.

The Floral Clock was built in 1950 by Ontario Hydro, which still keeps the mechanisms in working order. The General Manager and Chief Engineer of Ontario Hydro, Dr. Richard Lankaster, had the idea to build the clock after visiting the Edinburgh clock in Scotland. The Niagara Floral clock is 4 times the size of the Scottish clock, and the combined weight of the hands weighs 1,250 pounds.

* Note: The hands of the floral clock are highly visible due to their impressive size: the hour hand is 14.5 feet, the minute hand is 17.5 and the second had is 21 feet long!

Colourful Time

Historic Site
The Niagara Floral Clock is one of the largest clocks in the world and is filled with carpet plants and colourful annuals in unique designs.

Make a Wish!

Also alongside the clock is a tower and wishing pond.The 10 foot wide water garden goes around the base of the clock. It is 85 feet long and you will want to toss in a coin and make a wish.

The floral clock is adjacent to the Centennial Lilac Garen and there are washrooms and a gift shop (seasonal) nearby.

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