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Niagara Day Tour FAQ

Niagara Falls Canada - OntarioHere are some of the most frequently asked questions about Niagara Falls and the Niagara Day Tour.

Why should we choose your company?
Our tour guides are all friendly, knowledgeable and licensed with the Niagara Parks Commission.  The tour is more personalized, and you will get more stops, fun facts and information about the Niagara Falls and region.

What time do we get picked up and dropped off in Toronto?
You will be notified of your exact pick up time after you book – it all depends on where you are staying and where we need to pick up other passengers from on your tour date.  If you are staying in downtown Toronto, your pick up time will be between 8.00 am and 8:30 am and you will be dropped back off around 6 pm.

Where do you pick up and drop off from?
Our pick up/drop off points include all hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, train stations, subway stations,  bus stations, and other well-known spots in downtown Toronto.  We also pick up from hotels and public car parking areas just off the main QEW highway in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton. If you choose to be picked up from our consolidated pick up point the Strathcona hotel (opposite Toronto’s Union Station) we will give you a $10+tax discount per person.

Can you explain the $10 per person discount?
We can offer you $10+tax ($11.30) discount per person if you choose to be picked up from our consolidated pick up location the Strathcona Hotel at 60 York Street (1 minute walk from Union Station). This option will benefit everybody on the tour. Those who chose to make their way to the Strathcona Hotel for pick up and drop off will save money and those who prefer to be picked up/dropped off at their own hotel will also benefit as our driver will have less hotels to pick up from hence the process will be quicker. Using an optional consolidated pick up point for some of the passengers benefits everybody.

Brock monument and gardensIs there a cover charge to get into Niagara Falls?
No there is no cover charge to see Niagara Falls.

You have smaller groups compared to some of the other operators.  What differences will this make for our day tour?
For starters, Niagara Day Tour is a more personalised tour.  Niagara Day Tour has an average group size of 16 people compared to other operators which can have 40-50 people.  Not only do the larger companies charge more – but you also get less for your money. 

The larger companies spend much longer in the morning driving around Toronto getting everybody on board the coach and less time in Niagara Falls.  They also skip a lot of the photo stops en route.  Niagara Day Tour has the flexibility to stop at many interesting Niagara sites - for example the smallest chapel in the world, the Floral Clock and hydro-electric power stations.  Other companies may drive past these attractions and commentate, but they don’t necessarily stop for you to take photos and properly enjoy these attractions.

Charter bus Niagara tourAre there other advantages to smaller groups?
Yes - as we have 12-24 passenger mini-coaches we can park in some areas where the larger coaches cannot park.  For example: in Niagara-on-the-lake we can park on the main street in the centre of town so you can spend your entire 1 hour exploring and enjoying the sites. 

Larger coaches have to park in a bus parking area outside of town, so you have to either catch a shuttle back to town or walk the 10 minutes each way - which cuts into your free time!  We tend to be more punctual as well, since we do not have to wait for 40-50 people to return before departing from each stop.

Are there any disadvantages to smaller groups?
Only one – tours can book up quickly so be sure to book early!

American Falls at NiagaraHow much time do we get at Niagara Falls?
You will most likely get 3 hours to spend in Niagara Falls.  Although 3 hours is the average time,  we cannot guarantee it due to unforeseen conditions (heavy traffic and/or late passengers etc).   We have never had a group get less than 2 ½ hours in Niagara Falls.  Some other operators only give 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours.  Since this is the highlight of your day trip, you will want to spend as much time in Niagara Falls as possible.

Does the tour cost include taxes?
No.  We are required to charge you 13% HST tax in Ontario.  The other operators will also charge you 13% HST tax.

Why is your tour less expensive than the other operators?
We get our bookings online direct from the guests and hence our advertising/marketing costs are lower.  Other companies advertise elsewhere and pay commissions and hence charge you more.

Is there a discount for Students/Seniors?
No.  Our $89 tour is the rock bottom price for this tour – we cannot give further discounts for students/seniors. However, everybody is entitled to a $10 per person discount if they choose the Strathcona Hotel at 60 York Street (opposite Union Station) as their pick up/drop off point.

What about babies?
Children 3 years and under are free.

What is the policy on tipping?
It is customary in Canada to tip your tour guide 10-15% if you are happy with the service he/she provided.  Tipping is not mandatory, but it is greatly appreciated.

Is lunch included on the tour?
No.   Niagara Falls has many options for lunch to cater to all tastes and budget.  From high end restaurants overlooking the falls to fast food joints, Asian cuisine, pizzerias, coffee shops, hot dog stands and buffets, Niagara Falls has it all. Your friendly guide will be happy to provide you with recommendations based on your preferences.   

What should we do during our free time in Niagara Falls?
The hard part is choosing from so many options!  On your way into Niagara Falls, your tour guide will explain the various options available in Niagara Falls.  Some of the many options include Clifton Hill, Table Rock, casinos, arcade areas, museums, helicopter flights and scenic walks through the Niagara gardens.  Young or old, Niagara has something for everyone: dining, shopping, nature, arcades/gaming, etc.  From mini-putt to butterfly museums, you can choose the attractions that interest you most – most within walking distance of the coach park. All of our tour guides are licensed with the Niagara Parks Commission and are experts regarding the area and attractions.

Skylon Tower Niagara FallsDoes Niagara Day Tour operate all year round?
Yes. Currently Niagara Day Tour operates every day from the beginning of April to the end of October and every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from the beginning of November to the end of March. The Hornblower Niagara Cruise is also seasonal and operates from the beginning of April until the end of November.  From December to March we offer the Skylon Tower as an optional activity instead of the Hornblower cruise.

Can we stay overnight at Niagara Falls?
Yes - however this Tour is designed as a day trip so there is an additional surcharge of $30 per person to return on a different day. Alternatively you can book your own return transportation back to Toronto. There are regular shuttle buses/trains that run for around $34 per person back to Toronto from Niagara Falls. If you do the tour as a one-way tour (without return transportation) then the tour cost is the same as if you were returning to Toronto on the same day (the regular one-day tour).

Do your tour vans have heating/air conditioning and washroom/toilets?
Our tour vans have air conditioning and heating.  They do not have washroom/toilets although we do stop regularly for the convenience of our passengers.

Do I need to bring my passport on the tour?
No you do not need your passport.  We do not cross the border into the USA on the tour.  The viewing of Niagara Falls is much better from the Canadian side.

Can we cross the border into the USA?
Yes you can cross over into the USA during your free time in Niagara Falls if you really want to but we strongly advise against it.  There are frequent delays at the border and crossing over would not only eat up a considerable amount of your free time in Niagara Falls but if you get delayed on the way back the tour bus will not wait for you as we strongly advise against the crossing.  Once again the viewing from the Canadian side is better anyway.

Tour Booking FAQ

mastercard,visa and american express credit cards are accepted for the day tour to Niagara Falls from TorontoWhat method of payment do you accept?
We accept the following credit cards via our website reservation page: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card. 
We also accept cash to driver on the day of the tour

What is your cancellation policy?
50% charge if you reschedule or cancel within 24 hours of your tour date or failure to show.  25% charge if you reschedule or cancel within 48 hours of your tour date.  No charge if you reschedule or cancel more than 48 hours before your tour date.