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Hydro Power Stations

Feel the Power!

A multi-billion dollar industry in the Niagara Region is energy generated by the hydroelectric power stations. Your Niagara Day Tour driver will take you to the largest hydroelectric power development in Niagara – the Sir Adam Beck Generating Stations 1 and 2 located in Queenston. Built in 1917 - The Sir Adam Beck Generating Station 1 was the largest construction project undertaken at that time in the Niagara Region. You will drive over this power station on your tour.

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National Historic Site of Canada

In 1950 when the The Sir Adam Beck Generating Station 2 was built – it employed over 7000 workers and overtook its counterpart (nr. 1) as the largest hydroelectric power station on the Niagara River and in the Niagara Region.

Your Niagara Falls Tour driver will stop at this power station and explain how it works and give you the opportunity to take photos of this impressive spectacle. The Niagara Escarpment has the highest vertical drop from the top of the gorge down to the river below. Hence it is the most efficient location for hydroelectric power generation which is why it was chosen to build these monumental power stations.

Water is diverted at the top end of Niagara Falls through a series of man-made canals, which access enormous reservoirs (the largest being 750 acres) alongside the power stations on both sides of the Niagara River. This water is diverted away from the falls and to the reservoirs in the evenings after dark.

During the day when the need for electricity is at its peak – the water from the reservoirs is released and passes through penstocks to the generators below, where the electricity is produced. .

* Niagara’s total generating capacity is about 4 million kilowatts and the power that is generated is shared equally between Canada and the United States.

Historic Site

In 1990, the Adam Beck power station 1, originally known as the Queenston-Chippawa Hydro-Electric Development, was designated as a historic site of Canada.

Adam Beck Power Station

The Adam Beck Station 1 first produced power in 1922 and contains 10 generators. The station was originally known as the Queenston Chippawa, but was renamed for Adam Beck on the 25th anniversary of his death in 1950.

The Adam Beck 2 started producing power in 1954 and contains 16 generators. This station is currently undergoing renovations and modifications to improve its output as part of the Niagara Tunnel Project.

Hydro Power Station in Winter
Hydro Power Station is part of the Niagara Tour.

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